Efficient Piano Chord Triads

If you want to learn all the piano chords of each mode, then this is for you! Learn every major chord, minor chord, and diminished chord in each mode. All of the basic piano chords.

If you are looking for all the chords in the key of A minor, you’ll learn them!

If you want to learn how to transition between these chords most efficiently using inversions, then this is definitely for you! (Tip: if you go back and watch old videos from the 80s, the pop synth players often used these very efficient chord voicings.)

Great for piano students learning the primary chords for each scale as well as the inversions, and how to switch between them efficiently.

You start out by selecting a key and the mode. The Modes covered are Major (Ionian), Minor (Aeolian), Harmonic Minor, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian and Locrian. The more common representations are given, for example C# instead of Db and Bb instead of A#.

For example, if you select the key of, you will see the staff representation of all the chords in in the key of F (F major, G minor, A diminished, B flat, C minor, D minor and E flat.) Then you will see a piano chord chart for each of these. (The first being the piano chord F, then Gm piano chord, etc.)

The next row will be the first inversion of each of those chords, and the row after that is the second inversion.

Piano Chord Triads
Piano Chord Triads

If you want to find the efficient way to finger each chord, select a chord and it will show you the most efficient fingering for each.

For example, if you are in the C Major scale, and start on the C Major Chord, you can click it’s chord chart. It will then highlight the best (most efficient) option for every other chord in C Major. To go to Dm, then you’d just select the primary fingering for Dm, but if you wanted Em, then the 2nd inversion would be the most efficient fingering (as you’d only have to drop your thumb down to B. To go to G, you’d want the 1st inversion, as you’d leave your pinky in place, and shift your other two fingers down.

Efficient Piano Chord Triads
Efficient Piano Chord Triads

This app is designed to save you time by showing you the most efficient fingerings. Train on these over and over to learn them well. Or if you are just interested in composing, then fire this app up to help you as needed, and hopefully give your chord voicings more cohesion.

This piano chord progression generator is a great companion app if you need help coming up with ideas for songs, or are stuck playing the same progressions over and over. You can use it to generate progressions in any key (and mode) that sound good together. Then come back to this piano chord triad app to see what fingerings work best.

Major triads, check, Minor triads, check, Diminished triads, check, triad inversions, check.

Available here on the ipad.

Also available here on macOS.