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Candlestick Patterns



First go through the candlestick patterns to familiarize yourself with them. Select if you want to view Bullish or Bearish patterns.

Then quiz yourself on the patterns. A figure will be shown with 4 options, just pick the correct answer.

Additionally, 50+ patterns are available to peruse on the Apple Watch as a handy reference.

Candlestick Patterns

Open Chords for Beginner

Updated with Apple Watch Support.

Updated for iOS 8.
Added Watch support, allowing you to select a natural key, then swipe through a dozen chords for each key. Turn the watch around to see a chord while you play!

Open Chords Apple Watch Guitar App
Open Chords Apple Watch Guitar App


Open Chords Apple Watch Guitar App
Open Chords Apple Watch Guitar App

Existing features on iPhone and iPad:

Great for Beginners.

Over 200 chords.

If you’re not versed in Open Position Chords, then this is for you! Sometimes called Cowboy Chords, these are great intro chords to learn to play almost any song, or to strum along as you sing.

-First learn the chords!
Select the key.
You can tap the +/- to scroll through chords with that root note for the given string.

It’ll highlight the proper frets and strings, the proper fingering, as well as the location on the neck.

-Once you think you know the chords, test yourself in quiz mode!
You will be presented with a random chord and 4 choices.
You earn a point for a correct answer and lose a point for a wrong answer.