Racy Racy Wrong Way

New ad supported racing game.

You are driving down the road in the wrong direction.
Avoid hitting oncoming cars.
Pickup fuel on your way so you don’t run out.

Racy Racy Wrong Way
New iOS racing game app
Racy Racy Wrong Way
New iOS Racing Game App

Countries Geography Quiz

Test your knowledge of geography. Great for kids and adults!

Select a region, then for each highlighted country, select the correct answer.

When done with a region, the number correct and time taken will be shown.

The high scores and times are recorded on the main page. Keep trying until you get a perfect score in the shortest time possible! Also useful as proof if used for testing students or your kids.

Also available are the US States & Capitals and the European & Asian Capitals.

Countries Geography Quiz

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Perfect Pitch Ear Training

If you already have perfect pitch, test it!
If not, then practice with this!

Choose to display the notes in Music Notation or as letters if you aren’t versed in Music Notation.

Four instrument sound options are provided (Piano, Guitar, Trumpet, Violin.) If you play an instrument, this will allow you to best match the timbre of that instrument. (Most people find it easier to recognize the notes of the instrument that they play.)

Hit the play button to play a random note.
Then select what note you think it is. The note you select will be played for comparison’s sake.

The card will turn green if you’re correct and red if you’re wrong.
Your score will increase a point if you’re correct and decrease a point if you’re wrong.


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