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Barre Chords for Beginners

If you’re not versed in Barre Chords, then this is for you!
Barre Chords are useful for beginners, and great if you just need to know enough guitar to accompany yourself while singing or playing rhythm guitar.

-First learn the chords!
Select if you want chords for the 5th or 6th string.
Then select the root note.
You can tap the +/- to scroll through chords with that root note for the given string.

It’ll highlight the proper frets and strings, the proper fingering, as well as the location on the neck.

You can also change the accent color to your liking.

-Once you think you know the chords, test yourself in quiz mode!
You will be presented with a random chord and 4 choices.
You earn a point for a correct answer and lose a point for a wrong answer.

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Thumb Drummer – Virtual Drum Kit

No recording, no midi, no frills, just simple virtual drums.
Pick from 10 kits to play:
Vintage 60s drum kit, hip hop kit, latin kit, dance kit, jazz kit, rock kit, vinyl scratch kit, and a few others.

Originally made to be played with your thumbs on the iPhone.
Even better on the iPad.500x500bb-80-12