Perfect Pitch Ear Training

If you already have perfect pitch, test it!
If not, then practice with this!

Choose to display the notes in Music Notation or as letters if you aren’t versed in Music Notation.

Four instrument sound options are provided (Piano, Guitar, Trumpet, Violin.) If you play an instrument, this will allow you to best match the timbre of that instrument. (Most people find it easier to recognize the notes of the instrument that they play.)

Hit the play button to play a random note.
Then select what note you think it is. The note you select will be played for comparison’s sake.

The card will turn green if you’re correct and red if you’re wrong.
Your score will increase a point if you’re correct and decrease a point if you’re wrong.


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Bass Notes for Beginners

Learn the notes of the Bass Fretboard. Great for beginners or those that never learned the notes.

Select a string, and as you move up the fretboard, it will show the name of the note, the music notation of that note, and the position on the fretboard.

Or you can select a note, and it will show you where that note is on each of the four strings, and the music notation .

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Guitar Chords and Scales

An all-in-one app!
Great for Beginners!

Barre Chords for each key on the 5th and 6th Strings
Open Position Chords for each key
Triads for each key on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Strings
Scales/Modes for each key, such as:
Pentatonic Major
Pentatonic Minor
Blues Scale
Enigmatic Scale
Hungarian Minor
Harmonic Minor

Includes a quiz mode.

barre chords, open position chords, triads, and scale patterns all in one app

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Triad Chords for Beginners

Great for Beginners.
Learn Minor, Major, Augmented, Diminished, Suspended 2, Suspended 4, and all first and second inversions, on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th strings.

Includes a quiz mode, once you’ve mastered the chords.

Also check out Barre Chords for Beginners.

If you’ve mastered Barre Chords, Triads will give you more options to add complexity to your playing.

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Guitar Scale Patterns for Beginners

Scale Patterns – Great for Beginners.

Select the Key and scroll through the patterns for that key.
Also features a Quiz mode to test your knowledge.

All modes
Ionian (Major)
Aeolian (Minor)

Pentatonic Major
Pentatonic Minor
Blues Scale
Enigmatic Scale
Hungarian Minor
Augmented Scale
Harmonic Minor

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Open Chords for Beginners

Great for Beginners.

Over 200 chords.

If you’re not versed in Open Position Chords, then this is for you! Sometimes called Cowboy Chords, these are great intro chords to learn to play almost any song, or to strum along as you sing.

-First learn the chords!
Select the key.
You can tap the +/- to scroll through chords with that root note for the given string.

It’ll highlight the proper frets and strings, the proper fingering, as well as the location on the neck.

-Once you think you know the chords, test yourself in quiz mode!
You will be presented with a random chord and 4 choices.
You earn a point for a correct answer and lose a point for a wrong answer.

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