World Geography Quiz

Think you know every country in the world? All the Capitals in Europe and Asia? Every U.S. State?

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Songwriting Inspiration

Stuck writing the same C-F-G, G-C-Dm songs over and over? Unsure which chords sound good in a progression? Uncomfortable composing in C sharp Lydian and A flat Locrian?

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Ear Training Seventh Chords

Wouldn't it be nice to recognize the different seventh chords by ear?

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Medical Terms - Flashcards

Medical Terms

Flashcards for suffix, prefix, and root words by system, mostly of greek and latin origin. Tap the card to see the answer on the flip side. Also three quizzes, one each for prefix, suffix, and root word. Great for student learning, educational quantity discounts available.HLT 141

Periodic Table - Quiz

Periodic Table – Quiz

Ideal for students just learning the periodic table. You will be asked to find the symbol for an element. Select the symbol from the periodic table that you think is correct. A correct answer will get you a point, a wrong answer subtracts a point. It will randomly cycle through all the elements continuously so

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Barre Chords for Beginners

Barre Chords for Beginners

If you’re not versed in Barre Chords, then this is for you! Barre Chords are useful for beginners, and great if you just need to know enough guitar to accompany yourself while singing or playing rhythm guitar. -First learn the chords! Select if you want chords for the 5th or 6th string. Then select the

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Thumb Drummer - Virtual Drum Kit

Thumb Drummer – Virtual Drum Kit

No recording, no midi, no frills, just simple virtual drums. Pick from 10 kits to play: Vintage 60s drum kit, hip hop kit, latin kit, dance kit, jazz kit, rock kit, vinyl scratch kit, and a few others. Originally made to be played with your thumbs on the iPhone. Even better on the iPad.

Division Drills - Flashcards

Division Drills – Flashcards

Flashcard type drills for children recently introduced to division. Select a number 1 through 10, and random cards will be presented of that number dividing another number between 1 and 100. Or select ALL to do 1 through 10 randomly. Get 1 point for each correct question. Lose 1 point for each wrong answer. For

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