United States Map Wood Puzzle

If you are looking for a USA Wood Puzzle Map app, then this is for you!

I remember doing a United States wooden puzzle when I was maybe three years old. I loved it, and still remember it to this day. While I didn’t learn all fifty states, I did learn quite a few. I wanted to re-create a USA wood map puzzle for toddlers that was for the modern age of iPads and iMacs. My hope was that my children would get to have a similar learning experience that I had. The best part … no pieces to pick up or lose πŸ˜‰

Click the “start” button to scramble the pieces. Drag the pieces to their proper locations. When in the proper location, the piece will snap and lock in place. If the puzzle is too challenging, the “Solve” button can be clicked to move all the pieces to their approximate locations.

United States Map Wood Puzzle App
United States Map Puzzle App
With the Solve button clicked

With the Solve button clicked

The “Names” button will turn on labels so that each piece has the state’s name on it. There’s a good chance that your child can’t read yet, so to make it more fun, I used my kids to say the names of the states when each state is selected. Hearing other kids makes it more interesting than hearing a dull adult voice.

with the labels turned on
with the labels turned on

The United States Map Puzzle app is available on iOS and macOS in the App Store.

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