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The Bartender Quiz App is designed to assist those seeking to become bartenders, as well as those interested in testing their knowledge of mixology. While it’s true that many bartenders mostly just serve beer and wine, there are those that aspire to be true mixologists. Even if you aren’t an aspiring mixologists, wouldn’t it be nice to look knowledgeable next time you order a drink at a restaurant?

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Cocktail Recipe Browser

The bartender app features 101 of the most commonly requested cocktail recipes. It presents the drinks in a browsable format. You can select the type of drink (for example Martini) and then scroll through all of the Martini style drinks. It will show what liquors, liqueurs, juices and sodas are in each drink, along with the quantities and garnishes.

There’s also an image for each drink, showing what glass is traditionally used for the, as well as some garnish icons, to assist with your memorization.

One thing you’ll quickly realize when searching the web is that there is a lot of misinformation about recipes. Obviously there will be regional differences, and bars have their own preferences. Technically, a Cosmopolitan should be made with Cointreau, but often times a generic Triple Sec is substituted by the bar as a cost savings measure. Ditto for Chambord and generic raspberry liqueur. These decisions are often up to the bar owner, not the bartender. Hopefully, once you learn the recipes you’ll be able to keep in mind the correct way, in case you ever work an event where cost isn’t the main objective. And as a patron, it’s worth knowing what to ask for, so you can specify Cointreau so as not to be stuck with the generic option (unless you prefer the cost savings.)

Once you feel as though you’ve mastered the recipes, you can take a cocktail quiz. There are options for “10”,”25″,”50″ and “100” questions, so you can not only be thorough and go through everything, but also take a quick 10 question quiz whenever you have a few spare minutes.

See if you think this is the best bartender app that’s out there.

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