Guitar Notes by String

Are you looking for an app to help you learn the notes on the fretboard for standard guitar tuning? The Guitar Notes app was designed to help you learn the notes. First you select the note you are interested. You will then be shown what the note would look like […]

Efficient Piano Chord Triads

If you want to learn all the piano chords of each mode, then this is for you! Learn every major chord, minor chord, and diminished chord in each mode. All of the basic piano chords. If you are looking for all the chords in the key of A minor, you’ll […]

Bartender App – Mixology App

The Bartender Quiz App is designed to assist those seeking to become bartenders, as well as those interested in testing their knowledge of mixology. While it’s true that many bartenders mostly just serve beer and wine, there are those that aspire to be true mixologists. Even if you aren’t an […]

Songwriting Inspiration for MacOS

Songwriting Inspiration – One users said it was a “Good song seed app.” Our app was featured on one of the Premiere Logic Pro X Tutorial sites. Stuck writing the same C-F-G, G-C-Dm songs over and over? Unsure which chords sound good in a progression? Uncomfortable composing in C sharp […]

Chord Progression Generator

Do you find yourself using the same chord progressions over and over? Are you unsure what chords sound good together? Do you feel like you’ve mastered C and G Major, but are at a loss with what chords to use in B flat minor, let alone F sharp Mixolydian? That’s […]

Elements – Periodic Table Order Quiz

Elements – Periodic Table Order Quiz Put the elements in order on the Periodic Table. Great for students that are learning the Periodic Table, but also fun for adults to test their knowledge!!! See if you can learn something new!!! Select from 4 levels. Beginner is the first 20 elements. […]

Candlestick Chart Patterns App

Candlestick Patterns were originally used for tracking the prices of rice in Japan. Since then, candlestick patterns have been used for stocks, gold, and even forex. The press would often use line charts or if you were lucky, the high, low and close. A candlestick chart includes the high and […]

Racy Racy Wrong Way

New ad supported racing game. You are driving down the road in the wrong direction. Avoid hitting oncoming cars. Pickup fuel on your way so you don’t run out.

Open Chords for Beginner

Updated with Apple Watch Support. Updated for iOS 8. Added Watch support, allowing you to select a natural key, then swipe through a dozen chords for each key. Turn the watch around to see a chord while you play!   Existing features on iPhone and iPad: Great for Beginners. Over […]

Countries Geography Quiz

Test your knowledge of geography. Great for kids and adults! Select a region, then for each highlighted country, select the correct answer. When done with a region, the number correct and time taken will be shown. The high scores and times are recorded on the main page. Keep trying until […]